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with meteorologist sandra shaw and john collins. >> good afternoon. it has been wet so far, approaching 3 inches of rain a tv hill alone. here is the doppler radar is showing moisture streaming up from the south. just to give you an idea of what is going on, it is a very narrow band of moisture. you can see that ocean city has been barely affected by this, with a few showers passing through the area. what is in a little bit on maryland alone. -- we want to zoom in a little bit on maryland alone. just show you the moisture streaming across the area. these individual cells that are moving through, some of the potential of producing strong, gusty winds. some of them have produced a thunderstorm warnings, even though we're not saying a lot of thunder or lightning and this at all. these are the areas where the most intense rain is falling. these don't spend a lot of time over any one area, but they do produce a brief downpours of heavy rain, and then you get numerous ones coming up. it is almost too fast to keep track of this stuff. earlier this morning we had a couple that had the potential for prod
. >> sandra shaw. hey. >> hi. i'm downtown in canton because in 30 minutes a dragon boat will be paddling up behind me. all about the 2010 dragon boat races taking place this saturday, just ahead. >> and there's your look at the stadium. the stadium. football. almost here. when we come back we'll get an update on weather and traffic. stay with us. >> good morning to you. sarah caldwell checking on your morning commute. northbound i-95 just past 175 blocking the left lane, police are on the scene with a delay. southbound delayed as it starts to attract attention. north parkway at charles, translates out at that intersection. use extra caution. as it becomes busier, it will become a problem. a disabled vehicle just cleared up. 51 mile-per-hour on southbound 95 look good out of the northeast. no significant delays on the jfx or harrisburg exroy. 95 south of 100 looks good. delays not far from 175 if we have any delays due to the accident. that's the latest on traffic pulse 11. now let's get the latest on the buses and the trains. for that we go to kurt kroncke of the mta. good morning. >> good
this morning. >> sandra shaw has a quick look at the forecast. . >> it was everything that was forecast. the duration has changed. i think it will continue into tomorrow morning. it is likely that we will get flooding. we are seeing a flash flooding. we began this morning with tornado warnings in st. mary's county and southern anne arundel county. the heaviest rain is from the south and moving into the heart of central maryland. heavy downpours of a tropical nature expected all day long today. this is up and down the eastern seaboard. nicole started it all over florida at yesterday. it has combined with the stationary front. let's look at the weather computer. we have in excess of 5 inches of rain forecast for today. possible severe thunderstorms later today and tonight. we have a change in the wind direction. temperaturesto see holding in the 70's. you see the swarming areas and coastal flood advisors as well as wind advisories. up to 40 will gust miles per hour. we want to remind you to go to our website for more. >> we anticipate this would be the case. we have several accidents of n
insta-weather forecast with meteorologist john collins. sandra shaw -- meteorologist sandra shaw. >> we have tied a record high at 95 degrees at the airport. the normal high for today is 76. that is quite a swing. we're quiet on the doppler. we saw a significant form of this morning. there is a friend living in from the west. it will clear our area tomorrow. we mht see some intermittent cloud cover. the much colder air is coming behind the front. it will swing are temperatures in the opposite direction by the end of the weekend. it is still sizzling out there. 95 still downtown. 94 at the airport. 19 year the state line. -- 90's on the lower eastern shore. the dew points have dropped significantly. we have been dry all month long. pure oils two inches below the normal rainfall -- we are almost two inches below the normal monthll mamount for the of september. it looks like 68 to 72 tonight. saturday will be warm, but not as warm as today. 76 in the western mountains. here in baltimore tomorrow, mid- 80's for the high. a few morning clouds. on the lower eastern shore, 83 degrees high arou
were expected this weekend at ocean city. >> your 11 insta-weather + forecast with sandra shaw. >> vehicle sky conditions with plenty of sun. -- beautiful sky conditions. we will see the temperatures really dropping below 50's overnight tonight. over 50's downtown. cloud cover well to our north. this system will not be here until the middle of the week. we will remain high and dry. we will see a slight increase in the temperature over your labor day. 77 downtown, 77 at the state fair, 75 on the eastern shore. as far as the high temperatures today, 78 degrees at the airport, 80 degrees downtown. 52 for an overnight low at the airport last night. there was obviously a reason. 63 downtown. a nice cool air mass in play. the high pressure will move offshore tomorrow which will change things a little bit. the normal highs and lows are 81 and 60. we are not too far off the mark. it is so refreshing compared to those midnight epoxy that were suffered during last week. clear skies tonight. 52-bit 9 for overnight low temperatures. labor day. you have no problems outside whatsoever. the f
. >> sandra shaw has a quick look at the forecast. >> earl has been downgraded. it was a category 4 storm. >> it was big at one time. >> it is a category 2 right now. it is all off shore. it gave a glancing blow to the outer banks last night. there were tropical storm force winds, some higher gusts up to about 70, 74. around ocean city, not much impact yet. there is some light rain. tropical storm force conditions are possible. there is a warning for the ocean city area. the flood advisory for the west side of the bay has been canceled. things are now looking good for the chesapeake bay. we are in store for an awesome friday. we have clouds last night and a front will be pushing through later on tonight. that means food news for the weekend. there will be plenty of sunshine. further details on hurricane earl in just a little bit. but now a year from the commute. >> we have just one incident to talk about. there is a downed pole at waverly woods in ellicott city. otherwise, we're looking very good around the area. 11 minutes on the outer loop west side and topside. 60 minutes and no proble
a touch of summer in the seven-day forecast. first we say good morning to sandra shaw downtown previewing the book festival. >> we're doing great. basically the theater is one of more than 100 exhibitors in addition to the 200 authors that will be here for the baltimore book festival. you might be asking why the wig? what is the significance? the wig is important. it is an understudy wig. >> most people are home resting. tell us about this. you have not been around too long. we will run some video from the baltimore book festival the >> it is a theater group that is intended to give a voice to folks who have found themselves outside the mainstream of society. we have authors and artists and we have an exclusive group. you will see a lot of different things coming from us. >> you have a preview for your next presentation. >> joseph elrich will be doing a snippet of his apartment to under 13. >> thank you. that is for the iron crow theater, one of the many groups you will see out here. too active over baltimore. we have an approaching system. it will feel like summer. it feels better today
safety standards. >> now, your insta-weather-plus forecast with meteorologist sandra shaw. >> it is a gorgeous day. after the front got through yesterday, high pressure built in. we have nice northwest winds. we are high and dry. the clouds are to our north. the storm activity is over the midwest. that will come to our region by tomorrow night. we had a chance for some much- needed rainfall. it will probably come in a thunderstorm or two. we are comfortable at 74 downtown. 72 at the state line. 75 in easton. will probably hit a high of 80. in the mountains, it will be cooler, with a high of 73 degrees. plenty of sunshine around. it looks like 80 here. head over to the chesapeake bay and we will see a high of about 81 degrees. all in all, a picture-perfect day. partly cloudy tonight. 56 in our suburbs. 66 downtown up with the water. we have high pressure really dominating. it will take the area of low pressure by tomorrow night and push this off. it will give us the chance of storms. how does that break down? it looks like by 7:00, the rain will go to the north. we might se
. >> your insta-weather-plus forecast would sandra shaw. >> it is a little chilly outside already. we were looking at a little bit of cloud cover that infiltrated the area this afternoon. it is sort of dissipating right now. let me draw your attention to a cold front that is well to our west predict it will move through here with some much- needed rainfall as we head into late saturday night into sunday. right now, temperatures are nd 70's. 73 out at the airport. pretty comfortable. it will be a chilly night, though. this morning's at 54 degrees at the airport, that is definitely a sweater weather. 61, downtown. 77 at the airport today for a high. that is a little below normal. tomorrow will be closer to 80. we will see a abundant sunshine tomorrow. it will be an absolutely gorgeous saturday. 78-81 degrees. here is what we have in place. high pressure was sitting right over us today. it is already starting to slide out into the advantage. there is a lot of precipitation brewing to our south. the cold front will track all that rain on through here. here is the representation of that train c
insta-weather-plus forecast with meteorologist sandra shaw kurt >> we hope you are doing well in the final hours of summer as they weigh no way and we enter the job, all equinox tonight. -- the autumnal equinox tonight. for us, a minimal chance of a scattered shorn -- storms this afternoon. we could use the rain. we are feeling the heat, and we'll fill it until friday. it is 84 downtown. 82 at the airport. today's forecast gives us a high in the upper 80's by this afternoon. 88 or 89 as possible. it is interesting -- high pressure has moved offshore, and there has been a push. the tides are higher than normal. if there is a coastal flood of floodr's until midnight -- advisory until midnight tonight. the normal high for september 22 is 76 degrees. we will not break the record of 99. tonight, we stay humid. the reason why is because of this high pressure. it has been extremely hot in the deep south. the front will not do much to get through here until friday night or early saturday morning. tropical storm lisa it is way off of the coast of africa. it is out there, but no real co
insta-weather-plus forecast with meteorologist sandra shaw. >> hope you are doing well on this first full day of fall. we saw strong thunderstorms last night, but everything is quiet right now. all of the showers and storms are over the great lakes. that front is hovering, but not generating rainfall, and it will clear the area of much cooler air late friday into early saturday. it is all about the heat. we are surging above normal in. if we are already into the low 80's downtown. it is much warmer to the south. mid-80's already. if you take the state wide tour, in the mountains we will hit 80 degrees. hear, a cloud and sunshine mixed, but searching the mercury up to 88 degrees. on the lower eastern shore, same story. partly cloudy, 87. very not a forecast is -- your bay forecast is very calm. the record level is 40. it is a transitional time of the year. me, and buried all more cement over night. -- we will be more balmy and more humid tonight. there's a slight chance a shower could develop. last night, a front approach the area. right now, it is stationary. there will be an upper
. the store is coming up the coast. first we say good morning to sandra shaw. you're doing a balloon launch. >> there is a big balloon festival this weekend. i went up in the balloon at the preakness. this is going to be a great event. on friday night.h this is out in bel air. it is only $5 and it benefits and organization that helps with victims of sexual assault, violent stalking, and domestic violence. we have a balloon that is not inflated yet. >> balloons are basic aircraft. we have a basket and a burner and the balloon that goes over the top of that. >> and there is a balloon race on saturday night. that will be something to see. >> these balloons are seven stories tall. when we get a dozen of them, we call them gentle giants. it is a colorful display and it's exciting. the kids just love it. >> and it will be great. balloon rides will be offered to the kids. all of the proceeds go to benefit the organization. what is your mission? >> we provide hope and resources stalking andf domestic violence. our hot line number is 836-8430, and is 24 hours a day. people can visit our website at f
to cover vehicles. here at home we are seeing a drop in temperatures. could we use some rain? sandra shaw has a first look at the forecast. >> it is lovely outside. but for the rain you have to go back to august 25, and then there was just a trace amount. very dry, and it is increasing the fire risk. today it is lovely. much cooler than yesterday. the 73 currently downtown. 72 at the airport. upper 60's near the state line. this afternoon, looks like 75 degrees to 80 degrees. northwest winds at 10 miles an hour to 20 miles an hour. tonight, 50 in the outlying suburbs. you will likely need a light jacket or sweater when you wake up. >> thanks. we would check back with you. city fire crews were busy yesterday fighting multiple fires within blocks of each other in west baltimore. 11 homes went up in flames when two separate fires broke out in the 1300 block of north calhoun street and nearby. investigators say only two homes were occupied and residents were able to safely escaped. officials are unsure what sparked the first blaze. they have an idea how the other fire started. >> one consider
-day forecast in a moment. but first we say good morning to sandra shaw who is down for an interesting charity event. >> you have to have a lot of courage to be involved. it is a good thing we have a nice weather data. they will be repellent from the top at silo point. one of the people who will be repelling for addiction recovery melila.llio we have with us the president from that organization. what is it you guys do it? >> we provide residential services, outpatient services, support services, and we provide services behind the wire behind the walls in the state penitentiary's in maryland. >> it is important work that you do. there is a lot of economic stress out there. >> prior to this, the addiction rate in baltimore is probably higher than anywhere in the nation. if you add to that what is happening with the economy, it is more difficult. more people are seeking help. >> a great program and a great cause. you did this last year. what is of like? >> you do a practice run from the penthouse down. you come all the way down to the ground. the view of baltimore downtown is incredible. knowing
sandra shaw. she is giving us a preview of a thrill show. >> absolutely. it is a favorite for kids. this is a controlled burn. we saw firefighters extinguish it earlier. it will be one of the many demonstrations on saturday. it is free. parking is free. the importance of safety. >> that is paramount. we try to reinforce that during fire prevention month. we want people to make sure they have a working smoke alarm on every level of their home. evacuation route. >> just for your own safety when it relates to fires. let's look at your seven-day forecast. we can expect a lot of rain tomorrow. a lot of tropical moisture. heavy rains are expected. things look better for the weekend. things look cooler as we head into next week. >> 57 degrees on tv hill. man has trained all manner of species, but this -- >> oh, my. >> we will explain how this man feels safe with that massive crocodile. >> we are still taking your answers to our water cooler question of the day. what do you think about technology that allows parents to choose the sex of the child they are having? e-mail your response to wa
. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. sandra shaw joins us live downtown previewing the baltimore book festival. >> we have a variety of artists and food and drink. check out these drinks. this is quite a feast. the green pit bull smoothie. this is a bit intense. you just came up with that. >> we have some cherry tomatoes, lemon vodka, and rye whiskey. >> that sounds amazing. you do sustainable farming and do all organic request we're trying to promote sustainability. that is one of our big hit to. >> i would take a sip of that but i think it is early. . >> we have pineapple juice, soy milk, protein powder, and banana. >> that sounds amazing. you can pour me that. it opens at 11:00 if you want to have a pitbulls mo smoothie. they love the dogs there. today would be a great day to have a green people to cool off. we could see scattered thunderstorms later today. on thursday and friday, we will stay in the heat before a much cooler weekend. i will try this pit bull. it is amazing. come out and try it for yourself. >> you will be barking later this morning. play along with may. >> 62 degrees on tv
it is looking much better. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now we check in with sandra shaw. >> i am not going to be rappelling. it is an awesome cause. it is for the gaudenzia program for those recovering from addiction. you are at a recent graduate. congratulations. we are talking about this benefit. this was an experience that you had. >> it was a great experience. i came there pregnant and with a 5-year-old child. i was able to concentrate on my treatment. it allowed me not to wonder what they were doing and i could focus on working on myself. it taught me how to bond with them and didn't the past behind and showing more loving and caring attributes would the children. >> i think it is wonderful. what are you doing now? " i go there and i volunteer daily. i work with the children. i let them see me and if i cannot do it, they can do it, to. >> -- if i can do it, they cannot do it too. this will be going on all day today. i am not sure amalia will be doing that. it is a great cause. they will accept your donations. the seven-day forecast is looking good. there is a chance for thun
the blood donation process. >> your insta-weather-plus forecast would sandra shaw. >> i hope you enjoyed this friday. another dry day and another pleasant day. we are cooler than normal after a couple of days in the low 90's. definitely going with that ball transition. -- would fall transition. we are expecting mostly clear skies tonight. we really need the rain. best next shot at shoppers would be sunday. it has been 18 days today sent a we have had any measurable rainfall at the airport. it has been pretty comfortable outside. temperatures are 75 downtown, 74 at the airport. tonight, get that jacket ready. it will be a little chilly out there. tourist loanstown are at the northwest. starr should be twinkling with clear skies. -- starts to be twinkling with clear skies. 71 in the mountains of western maryland. we will be seeing sunshine to what the day tomorrow. temperature range, up 70's to 80's. haiti's -- the wind will not be bunch of a factor today. been here is what we have in a play. tomorrow, we will move offshore. the cold front will get through here on the date on sunday. by sa
. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. sandra shaw is talking about a race on sunday. >> what makes this unique is it is a run for the fort mchenry tunnel. it is like up and down. it is a challenging race. the cause is the special olympics of maryland. i'm joined by a chief of the maryland transportation authority. tell us what this event is so unique. >> it will have over 1000 runners. there is no chance anyone gets to run through a tunnel. it is unique. this is a great opportunity to run through a tunnel. you'll never get a chance to do it again. the tunnel is beautiful. operations will have it all cleaned up. there are vent fans so it will be an easy race. i think we will install the glass windows so you can see fish swim by when you are running. >> ok, great. you are a runner with special olympics. gets you powerful. it gives you so you're not tired. >> good. good luck on sunday. you are a great runner. he won the medal here. you are a great spokesperson. let's look at the seven-day forecast. we will be high and dry until thursday. so far, a nice bridge of high pressure is building again fo
. thank you for joining us this morning. >> sandra shaw has a quick look at the forecast. we have had some nice weather. >> fall officially starts next wednesday. the only downside is we are in a drought. we could get a little bit tonight. we are watching an area of low pressure dragging a cold front across. we have a 30% chance of seeing some rain showers or thunderstorms. we're going to be warm today, 81 to 85. in mostly cloudy night with a slight chance of a passing storm. the weekend looks great. i have more on that just ahead. >> we have one problem of note in glen bernie on mountain road with some fire activity. we're hoping they are able to wrap it up. we have a smooth ride on the major roadways. 57 on the north side approaching delaney valley. 48 on the west side. we could see some delays there. 11 minutes on the west side outer loop. live lookuick outside. 97 it looks good north and southbound at 100. greenspring is equally smooth at this time. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> our big story, here we are 36 hours after the polls close and there is no winner in one of the
near 895. let's check in with sandra shaw. she has a lot more on the forecast. >> here is a tornado warning that has been issued for southeastern calvert county and eastern st. mary's county. this line of thunderstorms has not subsided at all. you can see all of that red. this is a line of storms and there is a possibility of a tornado. take cover now and do not go anywhere. i will highlight were that tornado warning is in effect. it is in effect until 7:00 a.m. this morning. there is a tornado watch for the entire viewing area until 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. we have a lot of chance to see severe thunderstorms. they could produce tornadoes. we have in excess of 4 inches of rain. i think we'll see in excess of 6 inches of rain when this gets wrapped up some time midmorning tomorrow. more details in a little bit. >> good morning. the ravens are back on the practice field later today. the weather will move them inside. trevor price was released from the team. ray rice showed up at practice but did not work out. he has a bruised knee and is questionable for sunday. he rushed for 144 yar
pulse 11. now we check in live with sandra shaw. she is making her christmas list right now. >> absolutely. this one is a maserati. it has a four-door. it is the sister of a ferrari. it is blue and absolutely gorgeous. one of many awesome vehicles that you can see on sunday benefiting the children's deal uild. >> we did this so we could accommodate car fans and the general public if it wants to come out and support the children's guild. you get a fabulous brunch, open bar, silent and live auctions. we have a singer flying back just to sing for us at the vip venue. >> it is going to be great. >> if you purchase a vip ticket, it gives you access to all the fabulous yachts. >> what a great venue. absolutely gorgeous. check it out on sunday. let's check the seven-day forecast. we're headed to the low 90's tomorrow. a slight chance for storms. next week it will be much cooler. that is it for now. we have more coming up on these luxury italian vehicles. >> we will start with a pool. >> we will chip in. we can have it paid off in 20 years. a strong list of new and returning commies
stan stovall. thank you for joining us this morning. >> sandra shaw has a quick look at the forecast. we did get some rain yesterday. >> we did not get the severe weather. one person was killed with a tornado. we were on the weaker side of things. the front is still moving offshore. it is still a little moist outside. it will be until this afternoon until we get dried out. we could see gusts of up to 25 miles per hour. we are a little bit above normal. it will be a beautiful weekend with plenty of sunshine. right now your morning commute with kim dacey. >> we have some good news. we have no accidents to report. it is smooth sailing out there. 66 on the northeast corner. 65 on the topside of the beltway. 58 on the west side of the beltway. no delays. 11 minutes on the outer loop topside from 95 to 83. eight minutes between the harbor tunnel toll plaza and 95, 9 minutes. looking at no delays at all. this is that old court road. very light volume for this time of the morning. 95 north of the beltway, you can see stop on traffic is a little heavier northbound. no delays just yet. that is
on traffic pulse 11. sandra shaw joins us now from the food bank. >> the food bank always needs your help and donations. there is a huge need. some people are stepping up to the plate. russell is a physical education teacher equipped cockeysville middle school. >> tell me what you did to help out the food bank. >> in the fall, we run the harvest for the country and all the food goes to the maryland food bank. we collected over 7,000 pounds of food last year. it was a collaborative effort in cockeysville. >> everybody must have gone into it. how did you -- do have competition between the classic? >> we have a homegrown competition and then we stopped the buff the bus. >> you are getting honored by dunkin' donuts. they are honoring teachers all month long. you get a gift bag. we have more on the food bank and we will talk about their program. kids take home a backpack full of food. another hot one today. mid 90's today. more humid tomorrow. a slight chance for some storms on friday. it will be tropical storm-like at ocean city. that is it for now. >> thank you. 68 degrees on tv hill. we wil
stuff. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now we check in live with sandra shaw. >> it is going to be great. balloonts out with a b role on saturday. from noon until 5:30, it is called it rising above it. it is about stocking and is to benefits sarc. tell us what it involves. >> we provide resources for victims of sexual violence and stalking. we have a full legal and varmint and a help line. we have a shelter in a confidential location. we provide education to the committee. we want to raise awareness so that we provide services and prevent people from meeting our assistance. >> this is the first time you have had it. there will be the balloon race on saturday night. >> we encourage families to come out and bring a chair and a blanket. we will have alex and a kaleidoscope band and the urban pirates with us. >> check it out. it is only $5 and kids are free. we have a slight chance of some storms tomorrow. beautiful for saturday for the balloon festival. that is it for now. >> thank you. 71 degrees on tv hill. it was not intense enough. we have extreme dodge ball. goodness gracio
stan stovall. thank you for joining us this morning. sandra shaw has a quick look at the forecast. we have some good news. >> we have great news. upper 70's and plenty of sunshine. one more hot day today. hurricane earl is a category 2 storm, 85 miles southeast of cape hatteras. they are dealing with tropical storm force conditions right now. it is moving at 18 miles per hour. like recent wind and rain later this morning and maybe early afternoon in ocean city. then clearing nicely there as well. on friday, 87 to 90, one more hot one. the wind will pick up. there is more cool air behind that front. that will pave the way for a lovely labor day weekend. more coming up. but now let's check on your morning commute with kim dacey. >> looking pretty good also as we start the labor day weekend. in ellicott city, eastbound not, there is a a downed pole and some downed wires at waverly woods drive. it is on the shoulder. there are some crews on the scene. otherwise, we are looking good. we're up to speed on the inner loop topside, eight minutes. 895 park between 95 on the south side and the h
, but not today. first, good morning to sandra shaw. she's downtown. she's going to tell us about another wonderful charity event involving some of the local restaurants. hi, sandra. >> hey, tony. we are actually at clementine on harford road in northeast baltimore city. so basically, they are donating 50% of all of their patrons' checks this thursday, september 23, to a program. i'll tell you more about it. the event is called dining out for life. basically, they will deliver meals to those who are critically ill, and their families. more on that in a moment. but first, we got to tell what you we're cooking. this is basically a tomato crayfish scramble. jeremy price, you cook here. what is going into this thing? >> we're starting with a crayfish corn and tomato salad, and we're going to add eggs, jasmine rice, some greens, and some cheese, and start it right now. >> while jeremy cooks, i'm going to talk to tom. tell us about movable feast. i mention you help people and get meals to them if they're critically ill. >> we're a 21-year-old program in baltimore. we're the only program that de
for joining us this morning. sandra shaw has a quick look at the forecast. it feels nice this morning. >> it will get cool again by tomorrow. we will have sunshine early on and increasing
-third of overweight teens and young adults. >> your 11 insta-weather + forecast with sandra shaw. >> fortunately we were not anywhere near bermuda or during -- dealing with the wrath of igor. it was category one when it hit bermuda late last night. it moves through early, early this morning. up to 6 inches of rain, high surf, high winds with gusts reported up to 90 miles per hour even though it was only sustained at 75 miles per hour. damage to the island is extensive. igor continues to move to the north. high pressure building in and we have a nice dome of cool air infiltrating for the last few days of the official summer season. here is what it feels like outside. 72 downtown. 74 at the airport. 68 in westminster. 67 near the state line in the park in. the two points are in the 40's right now. -- the dew points are in the 40's. 78 is the forecast in high for central maryland. it looks like 80 degrees around ocean city. the forecast for today is problematic because there is a small craft advisory in effect with small wins 10-20 knots and a small waves from two-3 feet. normally for the time of year
to sandra shaw. she is said a car show. >> i am living it up this morning. we have the concourse elegance car show taking place this sunday from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. at the inner harbor. look at the array of cars. we have a red ferrari, a maserati, a lamborghini, and another for retreat you will see 100 cars, all the italian. they are all here at the car show. it benefits the children's guilt. you have been involved for years. >> i have been involved for six years. we're here now to present the great show. we hope to have over 80 cars signs up. we will have a big brunch. it will be a cip effect. >> and it is free. >> it is free for viewing the cars. you can get a vip pass. you can hear an opera singer and get on our auction for all of these wonderful guest. it is all for the children's deal of tguild. this is the tour de france bl ue. 12 cylinders. it has almost 500 horsepower. >> is anything out here that will impress you? >> if i love them all. i will take any of them. >> all right. will be talking to everyone. we have the red, white, and blue theme. we have a red ferrari and the
because of construction. now back to sandra shaw. >> this is the last friday of the summer season as we begin fall next week. we saw the passage of a cold front last night. showers and storms are basically moving offshore. now we're going to clear out. high pressure will build in for the weekend and beyond. 68 downtown. 66 at the airport. 70 over around easton and st. michael. it will become sunny. you could see some clouds. there is a slight chance for some rain. much cooler than yesterday. in baltimore yesterday, we saw a high of 86 degrees at the airport. 83 today. the wind will be a factor. we could see gusts around 25 miles per hour. it will be a pleasant 84 degrees down around ocean city today. nw winds around the bay and the waves will only be about two feet. the normal low is 66 degrees. the record low is 44. tonight, pretty great if you have any outdoor plants. 55 in the outlying areas. 62 downtown. the front is near the chesapeake bay. low pressure will direct it along. it is a contrast between the high and low that will give us that blustery wind flow. hurricane igor is not a
insta-weather forecast with meteorologist sandra shaw. >> i hope your doing well this evening. things are clear. it is still very hot. we're still in the mid till -- 90's. we tied a new record today. 95 degrees was the old record, set in 1970. we talked it off in 2010. we have had 5790-degree days and above so far. -- 57 days above 90 degrees so far. it will take until sunday for the cooler air to filter in and change our weather patterns. we will sweat it out overnight. we're looking at the lower-90's downtown. upper-80's near the state line. today was a record-setter. we were 97 at the inner harbor. we began this morning with a lot of fog, especially around the lower eastern shore. we began at 70 degrees. 75 is the normal high for this day. looking at the climatological records for this year, 2010 is officially the hottest summer ever on record in baltimore. we are only into the second day of fall and it is still 95. mostly clear tonight, unseasonably mild at 68th to 72 degrees. things will change tomorrow. the front will push through. it will be warm, but less human than where we w
. >> i'm still going to use it. it makes me feel better. >> now your weather with sandra shaw. >> i hope you're having a pleasant afternoon. we're tracking a cold front moving through the area. only a couple of clouds out there. ultimately this afternoon our winds will change directions from the south west to the northwest, but we'll still see temperatures in the low 80's. rainfall in the plains may be our best shot at rain late thursday into friday. but we'll stay high and dry right now, at downtown and the airport. we're in the mid 70's so a good amount of sun today. a good mix of sun and clouds with a high of 70. here in the heart of maryland, baltimore will top out at 81 or 82 before it's all over. mix generally. pleasant with low humidity. as we head over to the eastern shore, more sun and high in the mid 80's. there's a small craft advisory advisory with the front on the bay. so winds are gusting up to 20 knots and waves are 2 feet, so it's not good to get out on the waters of the chesapeake. tomorrow we'll be hovering around this or cooler. the record set on this date is -- we'll
good morning to sandra shaw. she has found another charity for us to support. >> this is the second annual fort mchenry tunnel run. it is a five-k race on sunday. you actually run through the tunnel and come back the other way. it is an interesting experience and benefits the special olympics of maryland. all of the runners are looking for something creative in a road race. you are with us this morning and you ran this last year. what is this like? >> is very unique. we have modeled it after the new york lincoln tunnel run. we go out and back in one of the tubes. it is a five-k and it is safe run what. you cannot walk it. >> you get a different perspective -- you can walk it. >> we have fun facts along the way, how far along you are under the water. some things for walkers. generally runners do not see many of the fun facts. >> it benefits special olympics. >> law enforcement has been a long supporter of special olympics. special olympics maryland and the transportation authority to have been working together for years. >> can you register the day of? >> you can. we encourage people
, camden, and brunswick lines are on time. now back to sandra shaw. good morning. >> as we take a look at what is happening, nothing really over the state of maryland get. there is a strong period of low pressure that will drag a front over maryland. we could see some of that in a scattered variety. we will take a closer look in a moment. sort of a mixed bag today. we will see sunshine this morning. we are on the warm side of things now. 66 downtown. 64 at the airport. your statewidet forecast. first we had to the mountains of western maryland. there is a 40% chance for some showers or storms. more clouds this afternoon. about 830% chance of some rain showers scattered this evening -- about a 30% chance of some rain showers scattered this evening. a decent day if you want to get out in the sunshine today. south winds of 15 knots at the chesapeake. there is a small craft advisory with waves up to two feet. 57 is the normal low. we topped out at 84 degrees yesterday. it looks like mid 80's are possible yet again. maybe a 30% chance of seeing a possible thunderstorm or some showers. 67 do
. thank you for joining us this morning. >> sandra shaw has a quick look at the forecast. >> we needed some rain and we got some rain last night. it will feel
and pratt street. now back to sandra shaw. >> i hope you have a great day. we have some clouds on the visible satellite imagery. we will see things heat up later today. there is low pressure over the great lakes. it will drive a cold front this evening. we have a a 30% chance for some rainfall. we could see a thunderstorm. we're starting out mild. 66 downtown. 64 at the airport. it is cooler at parkton. 60's around the metropolitan area. we have a mix of sunshine and clouds in the mountains. 45% chance for some scattered storms. we are on the warm side of things before the front pushes through. we topped out at 84 degrees yesterday. we could see some showers into the evening and nighttime hours. a great beach day, 85 around ocean city. not a great day to hit the chesapeake bay. winds gusting up to 20 knots. three-foot waves are possible. we will be warmer today, about five or six degrees. the average load is 57. does not look like we will dip into the 50's tonight. 67 downtown. plenty of clout around and a slight chance for a passing storm. it will be pretty windy out there. he
or toll free. also information available on the web at now back to sandra shaw. have a great weekend. >> all the showers and storms moving offshore. high pressure will build in. it will take a little while for the dew points to drop at the moisture it to get out of here. we will see the wind pick up out of the northwest. plenty of sunshine. it should be a pleasant afternoon. 66 at the airport. mid 60's near the state line. statewide, a slight chance for some shower activity in the mountains of western maryland. they hide their of 65 degrees. 83 degrees in baltimore. we could see gusts up to 20 5 miles per hour. beautiful with abundant sunshine not only here but at the lower eastern shore where there will have a high of 84 degrees. we have northwest winds and 5 to 15 knots and waves of one to 2 feet. we topped out at 84 degrees before rain pushed into the area. we are a few degrees above normal. 97 was the record high. 44 degrees was the record low. tonight is typical. seasonable temperatures. 55 in the outlying areas. 62 down time. great for friday night football. we
looking good as well. sandra shaw at the inner harbor getting ready for dragon boat races, huh? >> yes. these are the dragon boats from china. they are 27 teams participating. the 2010 dragon boat races benefitting catholic charities this saturday from 8:00-to-6:00 and it's quite an awesome event. 10,000 spectators the last time they had it. verizon, a platinum responser. you do more than responser this, you're active with our daily bread, which is your partner charity. >> we try to serve as often as we can during the day. they also have an employment center there. so several people like me have signed up to do mock interviews so they can practice when they go out to do real interviews. >> it's a great fundraiser. >> catholic charities does such great work. they've got 80 programs, and they provide this social safety net in the city. so they do great work. >> believe it or not, we're watching our team of dragon boaters who just pulled up behind me. it's all about the sink anyization. they go across the harbor. this is the verizon team you're seeing. you met john gilbert who steer it is
details for the tornado warning in just a minute. but here is sandra shaw with an overview of the system. >> we have been tracking this activity all morning. there have been numerous tornado warnings really around southern maryland and calvert and st. mary's county. the furthest point north, anne arundel. tornado watch until 1:00. whenever we talk of better tornado, we talk about wind shear and it amounts to a change in wind direction with height. there is that in play today because there is such a tropical mass of moisture that continues to inundate us. that is where you have the potential for rotation. if you are to gibson island all we north to annapolis, you need to take a rise of these tornado warning tips, tornadoes safety. find safe shelter, stay indoors. lois level of the home and an interior room in absence of that. stay out of your vehicle. as if the roads were not treacherous and up, look at this doppler. we slowed down to give you a real feel of the impact of the tropical moisture which has been streaming north. sort of a conveyor belt all the way from south florida up the ea
, moving well in this portion of the harrisburg expressway. now to sandra shaw. she's live, telling us how to prepare for fall. there's some fun things to do. >> this is the knot run corn maze a huge gigantic t rex inspired by brook rogers own two children. also a mini maze behind me and a hay tepee and picking your own pumpkin. >> we have a variety of decorative pump kings and then of course, you can go into the corn maze. >> what's the deal with the hidden check points? >> you get a map and it's gps generated. you can use that, and at each check point, there's a hole puncher in different shapes. you try to collect all 12. >> what are the hours? >> fridays 12:00-6:00 and sards and sunday 10:00-6:00 and then you can do it with your flash light on -- >> let's take a look at your seven-day forecast. starting fall tomorrow. but it's going to feel like summer as we're surging into the mid 80's. a brief break on thursday but the hottest day of the week expected to be friday before a front cools us down for a nice weekend ahead. back to you stan and mindy. >> ever done a maze at night? >> no. so
on traffic pulse 11. now we want to check in live with sandra shaw at clementine in northeast baltimore. &promoting a great cause dining out. >> yeah, dining out for life is this thursday. you can go to 50 participating restaurants all around the city and the county and take part. 20% of the proceeds from the checks that night actually go to movable feast. and they serve those who are home bound, and they deliver meals to them who are critically ill. so more on that in a moment. first of all, i am holding pork cheeks. entree here at clementine. it tastes pretty cool, huh? what are you going to put in it? >> start with shallots and pork cheeks and some hard cider au jus, and we're going to gently poach oysters in that. >> sounds awesome. we're going to watch you cook as we talk to tom. you are with movable feast. what area do you serve around here? it's a big program. >> we serve about 1,100 people a week. we serve in baltimore city, the five surrounding counties, and it is entire eastern shore of maryland. so for dining out for life, we have restaurants that have come up to the table fr
heavy rain to talk about over the next 24 hours. but first we say good morning to sandra shaw who decided to head downtown and play with the baltimore city fire department. >> this has been going on for more than 50 years. this is a controlled burns. this is one of the demonstrations they have. it is on saturday and you can see a huge tanker truck on fire. this is -- what will happen behind us? >> we have an automobile fire. members from engine company 51 -- >> they could put that out on the beltway. >> they will open up the hose nozzle and begin to extinguish the fire. >> it sounds good. there are a lot of things for kids out here. there is a train ride. there is the firefighters combat challenge. >> that will be our initial competition on that day. we have firefighters competing from around the region. they compete through a number of evolutions. they run up a five-story building, come back. they will drag a mannequin for approximately 100 feet. then they pick up a hose line and dragged that. >> that is pretty crazy. now you will light this tanker truck on fire. >> we will have
into an art museum. santer shot explains. >> good morning. we are talking about -- sandra shaw explains. there are 18 different sculptures on display. a wide variety. it is all sponsored by the jlp gallery. we have some of the pieces behind this that are unique. >> if this is one of the artists showing with us. you can see this artist uses found objects, primarily found object to create the work here. >> it is beautiful. these are some of the smaller works. >> the largest being about 18 feet in height. >> it is called genesis. >> genesis being the opening or the first show of a revolving exhibit, which will be revolving every six months to 12 months inside and outside greenspring station. >> this is an american flag. >> william walker is the artist. metal and this is his interpretation of our aflac. >> you have a beautiful. here anyway. >> the response has been very good. it definitely adds to the shopping experience. it gives everybody more to enjoy it while there appear shopping. >> thank you so much, tom stone. you have a while to check out, all year in fact. they will switch out the
forecast with sandra shaw. >> high-pressure is going to build intraday -- in today. partly cloudy and clearing in the afternoon. gwenn set 5 to 15 miles per hour for the afternoon. -- the wind it will be at 5 to 50 m.p.h. for the afternoon highs right around 84 the weekend. >> we will have another weather update at 925 a and
on many times i have done that to you, sandra shaw. we will have another update at 8:55 a.m. >>> 8:30 on a thursday morning, the 16th day of september, 2010. lots of nice people on the plaza on this beautiful morning here in new york. meredith actually about to greet some people on the plaza, better known as one of the finest universities in the country. >>> coming up in just a moment, gordon gecko is back. remember, greed is good from 1987 in wall street? here we are 23 years later, oliver stone out with "wall street, money never sleeps," how has it changed in 23 years? we will talk to mr. stone about that. >> fascinating. >>> up next, what do men really think? role models to monogamy to divorce, surprising results of a new "esquire" survey of 20 to 50-year-old men. we'll find all types of interesting things. >> i don't want to be there. >> and talking about a woman who followed her passion and now she makes minnows in urban environments. that's a pretty inspiring story. we'll be talking to jane about that. >>> in just a couple weeks from now, melissa and jeremy will get married r
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